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Embroidery Framing

Embroidery stretching and framing
Traditional embroidery stretching

Embroidery - cross stitch framing is very popular at Fulwood Gallery.

We have many very talented customers who rely on our stretching and framing service. We are very popular locally and have very loyal customers, but also have many customers from across the country.

Some of the embroideries we frame are exceptional, they are pieces of art in their own right. It is a privilege to be trusted with such outstanding workmanship.

We understand the time and effort it takes to create needlework pieces. With each piece we carefully stretch and align before securing it. Using traditional techniques for our stretching, it requires time and attention to detail.

The fabric is stretched by hand and pinned with precision, the tension is required to keep the fabric positioned while it is fixed securely at the back.

Once the embroidery has been fixed we can then begin the framing.

Picture showing our stretching techniques
Picture showing our stretching techniques
Embroidery mounting

We recommend using at least one mount or slips around the embroidery, this keeps the thread away from the glass and avoids flattening the needlework, this also allows the air to circulate and avoids moisture build up.

We discuss the colour choices and textures of the mounts and slips, as you can see in the example to the right the colour of the inner mount is an accent colour of the picture. This enhances the artwork and makes the finished piece outstanding. Using more than one mount gives you the ability to add this accent colour and depth to the overall look.

We do recommend using glass, this protects the embroidery from the atmosphere, even without impurities in the air like smoke or cooking, you will find that over time the embroidery will still discolour.

Embroidery framing

With the care taken creating your embroidery you will want to finish the project with a suitable frame.

We do a wide selection of traditional frames for embroideries, from walnut to oak, all the wood finishes. We also do a wide selection of washed and painted wood in the off-whites, creams and whites etc. (many other colours). For these you may wish to consider slips as an alternative to mounts, you can have both. We have many more traditional choices to go through in the showroom.

We have a great selection of contemporary frames to choose from, from super high gloss chunky frames to fine slim vibrant slips.

as with traditional frames we go through all the possibilities for your project. Our aim is to get the ultimate result with your choices and our advice.


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