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Mirror Framing

Made to measure designed mirrors
Mirror framing options:
  • Any size of mirror can be ordered

  • Bevel mirror or plain edge

  • Choose your frame

  • Select ready made contemporary mirrors or swept frame mirrors

We have a photo example of one of our swept frames to the right.

We have a selection of hand made mirrors in the showroom, or you can create your own.

With any size possible you can enhance any part of your home with a framed mirror. A large mirror adds the illusion of space in small rooms, and the ultimate style statement in large rooms.

Many customers choose from our selection of wide frames for the larger mirrors, this gives the mirror a solid feel and by choosing the frame finish wisely the mirror becomes an integral piece of furniture in your home.

We have many wide frames with two tones, for example black or wood finish with silver finishings on the inner edge. This gives more depth and interest, the frame choice can give the overall mirror a really rich furniture feel.

picture of one of our mirrors
Choosing frames

We have traditional frames to choose from and many widths to choose from. Depending on the size, the width of the frame needs to be taken into consideration.

You may want to scale the width up for the larger mirrors, however you may wish to make a smaller mirror quite striking with a wide or chunky frame.

For the ultimate in contemporary frames we have super high gloss chunky frames. Jazz it up with a vibrant slip, or choose an accent colour from the room the mirror is going in.

For the New England look go for washed white, perhaps choose a blue slip or silver.

Traditional frames can be the washed whites or woods, choose from a wide range of selections in the showroom.

picture of our frame samples
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