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Photo Restoration

Photographic restoration service

Our professional photographic restoration service repairs your old or damaged photos, our artistic design team enhance your photographs with care. We can also enhance new photographs to get the best results out of the picture.

  • Restore faded photos

  • Repair creases and tears

  • Repair scratches

  • Stain removal

  • Correct colour casts

  • Enhance the focus and exposure

  • Crop the image to enhance the photo

  • *Remove or add people (*Where possible)


Black and white or colour photos.

Old photos and new

We work on old photographs and new, black and white and colour. We have the latest computer software for photographic enhancement and we have the latest colour management technology to ensure quality printing for your project.

High quality results

Bring in your photograph and we will be able to assess if the result will be good. The original image will to some degree dictate the print size, we'll discuss all the aspects when we review photograph.

Enhancing Photos

We can enhance your photos, by using our technology we can alter many aspects of the photos such as under or over exposure. We can increase or decrease the colour and colour tones etc.


We offer a service to digitalize your photos. This is a service we can assess if you require it without restoration.


To the right are some examples of our work, click to enlarge, they show our sympathetic repairs to retain as much of the original detail as possible.

Photographic papers

We have a selection of photographic paper finishes to choose from for your printing.

From matt, semi-matt to high gloss.

Photographic frames

We do a wide selection of photo frames, from small to large frames, stand up or wall mounted, we also do large montage frames.

Photographic printing

We offer a high quality printing service, from small photographs to large.

We use the latest colour management technology for assured results.


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