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Retail & Trade Framing

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Memorabilia Framing

Precision Positioning

Bespoke special item framing,

with every item hand crafted.

Stable Mounting Techniques

Designed by you made by us

with a high quality finish.

Deep Frame Options

Built to your specifications,

colours, mounts, mouldings and size.

American basketball T'shirt
Here's an overview of what we do and some of the top choices made by our customers:
  • Sports shirt framing

  • Memorabilia framing

  • Medal framing

  • Presentation framing

  • Certificate framing

  • Unusual item framing (Sharks jaws etc.)

  • Babies and children framing (Not the children, their first lock of hair and booties etc.!)

picture of our frame samples
Memorabilia framing

We have framed many unusual items from sharks jaws to boxing gloves, with over 30 years of experience framing we ensure your project has great results.

We use unique fixings and stretching techniques to keep the items stable within the frame.

Every item we frame has our well known attention to detail, from the initial discussion for the finish, to the workmanship.

We have a large choice of moulding designs and mounts to choose from, with our ranges you will be able to achieve the style you are looking for.

We have some great ideas and experience to know what will look stunning.

Photo of us in the workshop
Our workmanship

Finally your project is hand made in our workshop, with care and precision your project is brought to life.

We have a superb workflow system and are able to produce the finished framed memorabilia in good time, because our business is efficient we have a fast service and good prices.

We have a well stocked showroom full of frame samples and mount samples, we also have a wide range of "slips" to choose from, the slips are additional frame sections set within the main frame, these can be used to great effect for stunning results.

You can browse through our selections and we can help you with your choices.


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